Chickpea and Porcini Soup

I cooked a very large meal.  However, I did 80% of the cooking on Thursday evening.  As a result, I only had to bake, reheat or finish my dishes.  The only dishes I did not start on Thursday were the soup (I simply ran out of time) and dessert.


This soup is amazing.  I loved  it.  You will too.  There are a few key steps when preparing this, so make sure you don’t miss a step – it just won’t be the same!

Even Brenna couldn’t get enough!!!  She scraped every last drop out of her bowl – so cute!


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Healthy Cooking Methods for Fish


Fish is one of nature’s bounties filled with all the goodness we need to keep the brain and heart healthy. Fish is a wonderful blend of high-quality protein, low fat content and filled with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B2 and D, calcium and minerals. In order to practice healthy cooking methods for fish, it is important to retain the moisture in fish when cooking it. Poaching, grilling or sautéing are the best methods to prevent fish from drying out.

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