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According to the Institute of Medicine Guidelines, only 20-30 percent of our daily calories should come from fat.

English: Veggie burger with feta cheese

English: Veggie burger with feta cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most people love cheese, but it is chock-full of fat and when you choose the low fat varieties of cheddar for example, you get a rubbery, salty mess that does not taste anything like the cheese you know and love. Why not opt for cheeses that are naturally low in fat content.… Continue reading

Contrary to what people think, cooking healthy meals does not take too much time and effort. What it does take is a bit of planning to shop for the right ingredients, and an awareness of what should and should not be eaten. By preparing healthy meals the health of the family is preserved and there is a better quality of life to be enjoyed.

Before selecting any dish, the ingredients need to be examined. What foods are frequently consumed… Continue reading

There are no secret ingredients or special items you need to buy at great expense if you wish to engage in healthy cooking. All the ingredients are freely available in the market. All healthy cooking refers to is cooking foods that have less saturated fat, overall fat content, cholesterol and sodium. All of which cause serious health problems when consumed regularly over a long period of time.

When you start to prepare healthy meals for the family, there… Continue reading

As we learn more about the dangers of unhealthy eating habits, obesity and diseases that are rampant in the world today, people have begun leaning towards healthy cooking. There are a number of things one can do to make just about any meal a healthy one. Take a look at some of the ideas suggested below to help you get your healthy eating off to a good start.

Being a healthy cook does not mean being an excellent cook… Continue reading

Changing eating habits to include healthy foods in daily diet does not necessarily mean living on salads. The great benefit in healthy cooking is the ease with which you can replace ingredients to ensure you cook healthy alternatives. This is as simple as cutting down on fat, shopping selectively for products and making sure to use cooking methods that preserve the natural nutrients of the food.

Let’s begin by going shopping to stock up on healthy foods. You need… Continue reading

Obesity and weight issues are fast becoming a serious health problem among children. The American Heart Association and the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn of diabetes, heart disease and other health ailments due to rapid weight gain in children. One way to combat the problem is to decrease or do away with the high fat content in meals.

On the same theme, reducing animal fats leads to healthier eating habits. Sausages for example, have as much… Continue reading

Some of us work all day and when we get home, are sometimes just too tired to set about preparing a full-fledged meal. Now if breakfast and lunch were nutritious and filling, dinner can be the best time to watch those calories. It is easy to prepare a healthy meal, low in calories and fat without spending too much time in the kitchen prepping, cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

The following ideas may help you in your time of need:… Continue reading

Our wellbeing suffers due to the convenience of restaurants at every street corner and the joy of easily available fast food. If we want to live long, healthy lives free from numerous health ailments, we need to turn to healthy cooking. There are plenty of quick-cooking techniques and strategies that we can adopt to reduce our consumption of unhealthy food and improve our health.

Here are a few tips on how to practice healthy cooking in your home to… Continue reading

Most of us have heard at some time or another about the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. It’s not just another old wives’ tale; it is a proven fact that the first meal of the day is the most essential one. We want to talk about how to whip up some healthy breakfasts that provide you with the energy needed to handle the day effectively.

Breakfast is the first food the body receives after a layoff of eight… Continue reading

Feeding the family right is not just about stocking the refrigerator with plenty to eat. What the family consumes goes a long way in helping family members to maintain good health. Obesity has become a major problem in America and other parts of the world. It can lead to a number of health problems that can easily be avoided by making simple changes to cooking styles. For example, by choosing to grill instead of fry food, you are engaging in… Continue reading

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