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All across the U.S. people are becoming more aware about dieting, eating right, exercising and staying healthy. Food and health have been linked together since the beginning of time. What we put into our bodies will result in us either staying fit or falling ill. There are many illnesses that are caused by wrong eating or unhealthy diets.

When we decide to lose weight it is important to realize that exercise and diet go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other. There are many techniques for healthy cooking that allow you to substitute healthy foods for fat rich ones. Try out some of the ideas presented here for a healthier, happier life.

One of the major disadvantages to dieting is the temptation to indulge in fat rich foods. By substituting alternative foods in your cooking and making use of healthy fats, you can combat the cravings and aid your weight loss program. Choose baked foods over deep fried foods; use oil that has healthy fat, and reduce the quantity of oil used in cooking drastically. Remember the adage; less is always better in cooking.

Once you overcome negative thoughts about how your food is going to taste without the over-abundance of oil or sodium in it, you will start to experience the real flavors of the food. Make up your mind to enjoy what you eat and all will be well. When you start out dieting and cooking healthy foods, you will find making adjustments difficult. But this is only in the initial stage – once you successfully cross this stage you will do just fine.

Olive oil is an excellent substitute and a must in any kitchen where healthy cooking takes priority. Get rid of the fatty foods like butter and lard; cook your food in a minimal quantity of olive oil when oil is necessary for the recipe. Avoid all the highly processed condiments and use fresh herbs. Get rid of the processed and canned foods from your diet – they have ingredients and chemicals that lead to high cholesterol levels and heart ailments.

You can replace olive oil with egg whites when making your fries. Alternatively, drizzle olive oil on the potato wedges and bake them rather than frying them.

Stir fry, sauté or steam foods as opposed to frying your food. The internet is filled with healthy cooking ideas and recipes. Make use of them to turn your kitchen into a health conscious place and keep yourself in good health.

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