Healthy Cooking Methods for Fish


Fish is one of nature’s bounties filled with all the goodness we need to keep the brain and heart healthy. Fish is a wonderful blend of high-quality protein, low fat content and filled with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B2 and D, calcium and minerals. In order to practice healthy cooking methods for fish, it is important to retain the moisture in fish when cooking it. Poaching, grilling or sautéing are the best methods to prevent fish from drying out.

Rule number one when cooking fish; do not overcook the fish because it takes very little time to cook. The following cooking methods will provide instructions on how best to cook fish the healthy way.

For those of us who love crunchy fried fish, baking the fish allows us to enjoy the crunchy taste without the fat that goes with fried fish. What you need to keep tabs on to make sure you cook the healthy way is to limit the use of oil, butter or other fatty products that the recipe requires.

Grilled fish cooks very quickly so watch over the fish carefully. If your fillets are evenly cut, you can put the slices on the grill and cook only one side without the need to flip it over. Avoid turning the fish soon after putting it on the grill; check the color of the fish, it indicates how well-cooked the fish is.

Poached fish is one of the best ways to preserve the moisture in the fish and release the flavor as well. Chicken or vegetable stock can be used to poach the fish. Simply lay the fish in a pan and cover with the stock. Allow the liquid to simmer for a few minutes and the fish is ready to serve.

Steaming can be used to prepare fish to release the flavor. Marinate the fish with ginger and garlic paste, herbs, spices and a dash of lemon juice. Fill a pot with approximately two inches of water to cover the bottom of the pot. Put the steamer with the fish in the pot, cover it and allow the water to boil. Within ten minutes the fish should be ready to eat.

Broiling is another healthy method of cooking fish if you want a change or when you want a quick, easy to prepare meal. Broiling gives the fish a well-browned exterior and allows you to control the heat. Line your broiler with foil; cleaning up will be easy to do.