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Cooking healthy meals for a family does take a bit of planning and effort on your part. If you are a working mom, life is probably difficult enough without the burden of having to plan and cook meals. Get the family involved in the planning and listen to their menu suggestions. Check the ingredients for each dish to ensure that a sufficient quantity of nutrients will be consumed. Use as many fresh ingredients as you can and season with herbs and spices for some really healthy cooking options.

We are going through lean times and money is in short supply, so the following menu planning ideas for a family should help.

The first factor to be considered is the nutrition aspect of the dishes you plan to cook. Everyone in the family needs to eat balanced meals and it’s not only about what each one likes, but what is good for the health. Failure to consider nutrition will lead to you spending more money than is necessary at the doctor’s clinic. Balanced meals and healthy cooking does not mean cutting out the good stuff totally. You can enjoy creamy desserts one day and plain fruit the next.

Plan your menu for a week and finish the shopping, washing and putting away of stuff so that on weeknights cooking is not a very tedious process. If you are fortunate to have a good partner, you can share the workload, with one person prepping and one cooking. Plenty of opportunities for bonding in the kitchen! Plan a couple of really easy to put together meals for the days when you are totally exhausted or too tired to cook.

Always set a weekly grocery shopping budget and stick to it. In this way you will be forced to consider the cost of the meals you are planning. You can always find cheaper alternatives to very expensive cuts of meat, which by the way have the most fat. Try to serve soup at the start of the meal, it makes a great filler-up and end the meal with fruit. That should satisfy even the largest appetite.

Variety really is the spice of life so make sure that you include a lot of variety in the weekly menus you plan. Get some excellent menu ideas off the internet. You will also find a lot of helpful tips on how to cut out fat and excess calories from meals. Don’t bring your cooking to the point where the family gets sick of the meals you provide. Get suggestions from everyone and try to incorporate the healthy ones as best you can.

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