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One of the most difficult things to do is watch your weight while on holiday. This is a time when people simply kick back and relax, and let their waistlines go south for the holidays! What use are holidays if not for eating good food and drinking some delicious cocktails. But healthy cooking and eating should not take a holiday; we need to be consistent in our efforts to eat right all the time.

Why let cooking during the holidays become a chore; it is possible to enjoy nutritious meals without having to compromise on flavor. Let’s see how we can enjoy healthy cooking while on holiday.

Start meals, at least dinner, with a soup that is homemade without the excess fat. A hot bowl of soup before the meal will fill you up and enable you to eat smaller portions. Try making a chicken, beef or vegetable soup as a starter for the meal; it’s a great way to add some vitamins and minerals in a meal.

The fat has to go! Avoid all the extra fat on meat or poultry, stop deep frying foods and let them cook in their own juices. Opt for low fat rather than a full fat dairy product. Use broth if the meat becomes too dry and try to avoid using too much oil for the dishes you prepare. Avoid all the fat rich salad dressings and cream based dressings. Choose lemon juice, orange juice, a dash of soy sauce, ginger and roasted sesame seeds to flavor salads naturally. Herbs and spices make great additions to food rather than rich sauces and dressings.

Sugar can be dangerous, so reduce quantities used and save calories. For the most part the outcome of a particular dessert will not change drastically when you cut down on the sugar content. Try using honey or fruit juice to substitute sugar in certain recipes. Fresh fruits topped with yogurt (low fat variety) make a very nutritious and tasty desert. You can also make fruit crepes and fruit tarts that are absolutely yummy and satisfying, but are a definitely healthier alternative to sugar rich foods.

Drinks of any kind from cocktails to hard spirits have a considerable amount of calories in them. Besides, too much of a good thing is not good at all. In the interests of maintaining good health avoid overdoing it on the drinking aspect of the holiday. It is better to stick with a cold beer, make that light beer, or a glass of wine all through the meal.

Enjoy the holiday, relax and have fun, but stay healthy.

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