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Like many of us, you may have heard the term organic food, but are not quite sure what it means or how it helps in cooking healthy meals. Eating healthy food is not something we have the luxury to choose or reject anymore. With the numerous illnesses surrounding us being linked to the foods we eat, it is time to engage in healthy cooking to avoid fat, cholesterol, heart problems and other health ailments.

Eating healthy food does not mean you resort to rabbit-like behavior and start munching on raw broccoli and carrots – although you can do that if you like them. It simply means taking an interest in what you eat and knowing how the foods you choose are grown. Enter organic foods that have a large following. Organically grown refers to crops grown without the use of man-made insecticides, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides to kill the bugs on crops. Farmers make use of reusable resources to preserve the environment. Organic food also refers to dairy products and meat that come from animals that have not been fed antibiotics or hormones.

In order to eat healthy, it is safest to cook your own foods. To cook you need to shop, and the local, in-season fruits and vegetables are the safest bet. You are sure to find a farmer’s market where you live. If you do, plan your meals and shopping trips. You will save money on your grocery bills and do a good deed by supporting local farmers. For those who cannot find a farmers’ market, the grocery stores have dedicated organic food sections. Look for the organic symbol to guide you to the right shelves or ask the store assistants for help.

Invest a little time and effort into researching the differences between organic and conventional foods, and you will soon make the change to healthy cooking. There definitely is a difference in eating insecticide and pesticide free, grass-fed, hormone free meat as opposed to regular meat from cows that are given hormones and antibiotics.

Cooking food by preserving the natural nutrients found in foods is the best way to eat healthy meals. When you combine healthy cooking styles such as steaming or grilling with good organic meats, fruits and vegetables, you can be sure of getting all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.

When you choose organic foods you are taking a major step toward cooking healthy meals and enhancing the body’s wellbeing. With organic foods, you know what your food consists of; it is not so with pre-packaged foods that contains all manner of unknown ingredients and additives.

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