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Are you wondering about waterless cooking and whether it’s just another craze to hit us; one of those here today, gone tomorrow trends? On the contrary, waterless cooking is a form of healthy cooking that has been around for a long time.

Traditional cooking makes use of water to cook meats and vegetables. With this method of cooking, nutrients and flavors are lost from the food. Making use of the natural juices and moisture in food, a near waterless cooking process combines with special cookware to give us a healthy cooking style.

Waterless cooking helps to preserve the nutrition in food, save cooking time and making cooking easy. Basically, you need to use high grade stainless steel cookware that does not allow the metal to seep into the food. Even Teflon has been found to release toxic chemicals at high heat. If you see advertisements for surgical grade stainless steel just remember it’s another term for superior quality stainless steel.

What is so great about stainless steel cookware is that it does not require plenty of water for cooking. The bottom of the cooking pots and pans has been machined flat to allow close contact with the heat medium. This makes the transfer of heat highly efficient.

Because of the even distribution of heat, problems with food burning or sticking to the pan are for the most part avoidable. Additional benefits include easier cleaning of the cookware and a drastic reduction in the amount of oil used to prepare dishes.

Waterless cookware has special lids with seals to lock in moisture and prevent it from escaping during the cooking process. In this way, food cooks in its natural juices to retain the nutrients. Vegetables naturally contain plenty of water that is released as soon as the heat touches the vegetables. With the lid locking in moisture, steam forms and speeds up the cooking process. Cooking by steaming is one of the more healthy ways to prepare food.

One valuable piece of advice from the experts is to use a proportionate sized cooking pot for best results. The dish should be two-thirds full with a little water added to the vegetables or meat. Sealing the dish is more effective when the cooking pot is nearly full.

With the waterless cooking method you get healthy cooking and energy efficiency. The cookware may be expensive to buy, but it is well worth the investment when you consider your family’s good health.

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