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Busy moms are constantly challenged by domestic chores and duties, hence putting together wholesome, healthy meals can be quite a trial. Here’s something that needs a lot of digesting – cooking at home can be as dangerous to health as eating out if you don’t know what you are doing! No! We haven’t really lost our minds – consider this – when you cook with processed ingredients with high fat, sugar, preservative and sodium contents, it equates to eating proverbial junk food.

Healthy cooking starts with the planning of meals and moves on to grocery shopping, preparation of the food and serving it up on the dinner table. Healthy cooking requires cooks to adopt certain healthy habits including:

Right way to shop: we need a strategy to go grocery shopping. The first step in formulating the right strategy is to prepare a meal plan for the entire week. Stock up on fresh foods ranging from fruits to vegetables, lean meats, poultry, whole wheat items and low fat dairy products. Avoid buying processed and tinned foods; they make cooking easy, but are really not healthy options. There may be deviations from the plan on days when you are too rushed to cook. Don’t fret over it; just let it ride.

Preparation is key: without preparation, all good plans often come to nothing. By preparing in advance, it is possible to enjoy healthy home cooked meals without wasting too much time. It is possible to prepare vegetables in advance on days when you are freer than others. Planning the weekly schedule will help you free up time to prepare for the meals. Maybe you prefer to cook every alternate night; whatever works best for you is good. Take stock of what’s in your cupboards and refrigerator; you will be less likely to turn to fast food in desperate hunger.

Kitchen gadgets: good intentions are not enough; you need the right kitchen gadgets to cook healthy meals. When you have the right equipment to make the cooking process easier, you are more likely to cook healthy meals at home than order take-away dinners. Kitchen scales, a slow cooker, steamer, mixer-grinder, blender, knives and some good cookware are kitchen essentials no cook can do without.

Cutting back on fats: it is certainly a temptation to cook with fats and other unhealthy stuff. However, remember that healthy cooking is not about getting sick. If you don’t stock up on foods high in fat content, you will be less likely to be tempted to add them to your meals. Steam or grill food whenever possible and try to enjoy more fresh produce in your meals.

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