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Healthy cooking begins with the choices one makes in the grocery store. As most people would agree, it is next to impossible to cook healthy meals when the right ingredients are not available in your kitchen. Because our lives are lived in one colossal rush, we scarcely have time to breathe let alone check every label on every item we buy.

Grocery shopping is all about making a mad dash through grocery store aisles, dumping stuff into the trolley and whizzing to the checkout counter in record time. Now that we know where we stand, a few basic tips will help you shop for healthy choices and stop feeling overwhelmed in the grocery store.

Planning is the key to a whole lot of successes in life. One of the best ways to take control of your kitchen is to plan in advance the entire week’s menus. Make a shopping list for the menus you plan to cook and stick to the list. It may appear tedious and time consuming at the outset, but with practice you will soon find that healthy cooking becomes as easy as pie – and a lot healthier than that item!

Here’s an important tip, never go shopping on an empty stomach – you are going to want to buy every snack and fatty food in sight! It is very hard to resist unhealthy foods when you are hungry.

Save money and eat healthy by checking the weekly advertisements for grocery sales. Incorporate the sale items (only healthy ones) into your meal planning and get a double benefit.

Most of us have a vague idea of the food pyramid and the guidelines for eating healthy. Make sure to stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, whole grains, fish, beans, nuts, lean meats and poultry. Make certain the menu for the week is well rounded to cover all the food groups each day. Place a greater emphasis on fruits and vegetables in the daily diet.

Why not spice up your diet by becoming adventurous and trying new fruits and vegetables along with new recipes. Organic food is good because of the lack of pesticides; however, it may not be economical for everyone’s budget.

Parents need to try every trick in the book to get children to eat healthier foods including more fruits and vegetables. Encourage children to try various dishes tempting them away from the all-time favorite macaroni and cheese with a treat they will enjoy.

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