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For many of us, eating what we feel like eating, when we feeling like eating it is a way of life, and who wants to make changes! Well, the time has come to take stock of how healthy we really are. Surprise! Surprise! Not nearly as healthy as you thought, right? The harsh reality is if we do not practice healthy eating we are setting ourselves up for some major health problems. The best route to good health and wellbeing is through healthy cooking.

Don’t lose heart, with a few healthy cooking tips incorporated into your daily cooking routine you can be on your way to good health. Please note a crash diet is not being advocated, it is not a healthy option and will in all probability lead to other complications. A few simple, sensible changes to your diet is all it takes to help you lose some weight and start feeling healthier.

• Make a list of your favorite foods and check the ingredients that go into the preparation of each dish. Find healthy substitutes that will lessen the fat and calorie content in each dish. Your aim should be to pack as much nutrition as you can into each calorie you consume.

• Get creative, become adventurous in your kitchen – try new things and you will soon have fun cooking your food and will begin to enjoy the flavor rich dishes you prepare. Choose fat-free or low-fat options of dairy products because these foods tend to have a high fat content. You can start out by combining full-fat and low-fat milk for example, till you get used to a fat free version in time.

• Other ways to reduce the fat content in dairy foods is to use skim milk to replace high fat whipped cream; use low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream; low fat yogurt with fresh fruit for ice cream at dessert time; fat-free or low fat cheeses in recipes – or cut out the cheese altogether.

• Meat has a lot of fat depending on the cuts you choose. For example, marbled meats are filled with fat. A better option if you enjoy eating meat is to choose lean meats that may require a longer cooking time because the cuts are not as tender as marbled cuts. Try marinating your meat in apple cider vinegar or apple juice; both natural tenderizers that add great flavor to the food.

• You can replace ground beef with ground turkey meat; cut out pork products from your diet and add more seafood to your diet. All these are healthier options that will keep you in good health.

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