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When weight loss diets are endorsed by celebrities, they automatically become popular worldwide. This is the case with the morning banana diet, which originally came from Japan. Learn more about it so that you can decide for yourself whether to adopt it or not.

The morning banana diet is extremely simple to follow. The main rule that you need to keep is to consume only bananas for breakfast. You can drink only water at room temperature. Throughout the day, you can have any number of meals and snacks. There are absolutely no restrictions to the type of foods that you can eat and their amount. Still, you can have only one sweet snack in the middle of the afternoon. Another important rule is not to have any kind of dessert, ice cream, dairy products and alcohol after 8 in the evening.

Can bananas actually help you lose weight? There is no solid evidence to confirm that these fruits contain a substance that burns fat more effectively and more quickly, despite the various claims made. There are some who attribute the supposed weight loss properties of bananas to the enzymes they contain, but generally the body has enough enzymes to regulate metabolism.

A more plausible theory for the effectiveness of bananas for weight loss is the present of resistant starch in them. This type of fiber promotes fullness and may stimulate fat burning. It may also block the conversion of some carbohydrates. Still, it is thought that the amounts of resistant starch present in bananas are not sufficient to bring about any considerable change in metabolism.

Generally, there is little evidence to support the claims that the banana diet works for weight loss. So far, it has not been scientifically proven that bananas contain a chemical compound that burns fat. Besides, when you are allowed to eat anything you want, you may not get the slimming results that you expect. Still, trying this diet is highly unlikely to do you any harm since it does not involve fasting or the consumption of minimal amounts of certain types of nutrients.

You can try the morning banana diet to see if bananas will actually keep you feeling full throughout the day and help you consume smaller amounts of other types of food. It is best if you plan your daily intake of food so that you get sufficient amounts of lean protein and healthy carbs and consume fewer calories. This will certainly help you lose weight.

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