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Healthy cooking is all about keeping your mind, heart and body healthy. There are many useful tips you can make use of in your cooking to keep your family in good health. The first step is the important one, to realize that you need to better understand healthy cooking to make changes to your lifestyle. Read on to learn some useful tips on how to cook the foods that will play a major role in keeping you fit and well.

Excessive cooking, frying and boiling will quickly drain the nutrients from foods. It is far better to steam or stir fry vegetables to preserve the natural nutrients and colors that vegetables are filled with.

All too often, we end up having a crazy day at work or the kids are down with the flu, or you simply feel too frazzled to cook. Why not plan your meals and cooking in advance to save time and energy. You can prepare a batch of healthy food and freeze it so you have ready to heat and eat meals that are healthy as well.

People with existing high blood pressure problems and high cholesterol problems need to make use of onions, tomatoes, herbs, vinegar, low fat or no fat salad dressings and sauces to maintain better health. Olive oil is one healthy option, and a little oil drizzled over any salad makes a welcome change.

Most store bought processed foods, canned foods, preserved vegetables, prepared seasonings and other products generally have a high salt (sodium) content, preservatives and chemicals. All of these are dangerous to health when consumed in excess. A high intake of sodium may lead to high blood pressure and other related health problems.

Whole grain is a healthier option to replace other highly refined products. You can use whole wheat flour as a substitute for all-purpose flour. For example, if you have a recipe that requires 3 cups of all-purpose flour, combine half the quantity of all-purpose flour and slightly less than the other half quantity of whole wheat flour. Oatmeal and cornmeal also make good substitutes for certain recipes.

Did you know that you can substitute over-ripe bananas for butter or lard? Mash the bananas to replace butter when making muffins or breads. Three mashed bananas can be used to replace half a cup of butter or oil. Applesauce may also be substituted for butter or lard.

There are many simple tips you can follow to reduce the fat content in food to achieve healthy cooking.

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